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About Thalassotherapy

In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates encouraged hydrotherapeutic cures

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans discovered and used the virtues of seawater to obtain therapeutic, preventive and curative benefits, even building temples near both hot and cold water springs.

In 1791 Richard Russel pubblishes the first medical work on seawater as a therapeutical ''instrument'', and the first ''marine hospital'' is born, in Great Britain

In 1899 the first center of thalassotherapy is founded in Roscoff (France)

Throughout the twentieth century thalassotherapy gains popularity in Europe and especially in France.

In 1904 Renè Quinton publishes the medical work "L'eau de mer, milien organique"

In 1964, Louison Bobet opened the Quiberon Institute in France, the first modern thalassotherapy centre.

In 1967 Dr. La Bonnardière coins the term "thalassotherapy" as the sea cure (thalassa=mare).
The combined effect of the sun, iodine and salt water together can be most beneficial for one's health and well being - this has been understood for centuries, and is the base of modern thelassotherapy.

Thelassotherapy incorporates a wide variety of all natural treatments that share the same source, the ocean and the coastal environment. There are treatments that provide relaxation and fight stress, others that combat the physical signs of aging, and still others that reduce the appearance of cellulite and help regenerate the body. The sea that with its endless secrets, is the source of all thalassotherapy's knowledge.

It is a popular pastime to visit the beach and absorb oneself in the beauty that the ocean eminates. Think of how relaxed you feel after a beach holiday, walking on the shore and having the water touch you, hearing the rhythm of the waves...The stress of everyday life melts away, and your whole self benefits. The sea has healing powers for us. So imagine how you would feel after a treatment based on the same active ingredient-the ocean!.

The key treatments that compose thalassotherapy rely on the effect of sea water on the skin. The pores of the skin, in contact with seawater, expand and allow the passage of precious oligoelements that are slowly freed in the blood system-correcting any imbalances. Various types of seaweed, with their well known antibiotic, bacterialstatic and antiviral power do the rest.

Some of the illnesses which Thelassotherapy is beleived to help are:circulatory diseases (hypertension, arteriosclerosis, etc.), respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, etc.), post traumatic disorders (muscle atrophy, etc.), skin problems (scabies, atopic dermatitis, etc.), and chronic inflammation (rheumatic arthritis, etc.) Furthermore ongoing research has found other areas where Thalassotherapy has appeared helpful; to increase the activity and effectiveness of the immune system; to recover a low responsiveness of hypothalamic-adrenal endocrine system; to improve sleep quality; and to fight localized inflammation and itching sensations.

About Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the term given to the treatments that take place in specialist pools which can be controlled in terms of water pressure, temperature and movement. This control enables the pools to be customised to the needs of a particular patient, and to be used more effectively to enhance well being.

When the water temperature is cold it is best for improving the body's shape, toning the muscles and figure. Hot water, however has cardiovascular benefits, helping the relaxing the muscles and helping blood-flow. When the temperature of the water is equal to that of the body (37.5°) it not only relaxes the body's muscles, but also facilitates the bodies absorption of minerals and salts that are used in some forms of hydrotherapy treatments.

In other hydrotherapy treatments, ozone (a specially prepared oxygen additive) is added to the water, which enhances the antibacterial and relaxation effects of the water through further increasing the body's absorption of minerals also added to the water.

When the body is immersed in a hydro massage pool, currents of little air bubbles caress the body as it performs the movements dictated by the particular exercise being performed. These exercises benefit the entire body especially the lymphatic system and blood flow, and can also be altered to target particular muscle groups or problem areas. Such treatments are so effective because the muscles are in a relaxed state due to their immersion in the water.

In addition to its relaxing effects, and physical health benefits, Hydrotherapy is also credited with being helpful for treating psychological imbalances including anxiety and stress, and even producing aesthetic benefits.